Price List

Styles of crystals:
Standard (S): basic colors, no special treatments (Green shoes)
Aurora Borealis (AB): gives the surface of the crystal a rainbow or oil-slick appearance (Jonquil AB)
Crystal Effects (E): given special treatment to create an iridescent effect or specially coated crystal (Volcano)


Platform +$40 per 1/2″
Size +$50 for every 1/2 shoe size over 10; -$50 each size under 5.5-4
Paint +$30

Cellphone Case +$10 for painting, +$5 for AB Crystal, +$10 for Effects
Two Piece – $90
Backplate only – $70

Heel (3″-4″ and up) (+$20 to outline the shoe)
Standard: $125
Aurora Borealis: $150
Crystal effects: $175

Ballet Flat
S: $450
AB: $475
E: $500

Basic Pump
S: $700
AB: $800
E: $900

S: $600
AB: $700
E: $800



Strappy Sandal 
Please email me the details of your sandal to discuss pricing.

*I reserve the right to raise or lower the prices ONLY if the shoe size is dramatically large or small, or if the shoe has a dramatic platform.  For example, if you want shoes for your child or have very small feet (size 4 or 5) or wear a size 12 or higher, I will adjust the cost accordingly.* 

If you have any questions, please send me a picture and we can discuss if there will be an additional cost and an estimate.