Volcano For Sale

Greetings dear friends!  It is with a heavy heart that I announce I am selling my own Volcano shoes.

I purchased these shoes while under my personal deadline to have them ready in time for Valentine’s Day.  In my haste I picked a shoe brand that I know is not always kind to my feet.  These are Madden Girl shoes, size 8.5.  They cause too much pain for me to wear in good conscious any longer.  Let this be a lesson to you to always pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable to have strassed!!!

I have worn these shoes at least 4 times since February so they have not seen heavy use at all.  I do take exceptional care for my shoes and all sparkly things I create either for myself or someone else.  Know that these shoes are loved and are in exceptional shape.

Since they are pre-worn strassed shoes, I am selling these at a fantastic discount for $960+$15 shipping.  This does not include the cost for the shoes which was $60 (original selling price would be $1160).  The crystals are also in great shape and I will always include a small packet of crystals for replacements just in case any are lost through general wear and tear.

If you are interested in owning a beautiful pair of strassed shoes, contact me at the email listed on my contact page.

Volcano In Progress

Black Patent turns into bronze!  The great thing about the paint I used is that it didn’t scratch or chip when I put it to the test on these shoes!  I was very impressed and can now match most of the crystal colors to paint so that the color of the crystals doesn’t get muted by the underlying shoe color.


Here are the shoes after the final layer of paint.  It took two layers to cover the black.  It’s such an amazing transformation!!

I think these look beautiful as is!  I almost stopped here, but I wanted maximum bling.  This picture I took with my phone, so it’s a bit over exposed, but you can still see the color of the crystals and how well they work with the bronze.

Better picture of detail and the richness of the crystal color.

Another view of the edging detailing with the full heel.  It’s very stunning, I love it!  This is a great picture to show the problems with cheap-o shoes!  You can see in the side of the shoe, right in the arch, is a bulky seam.  It was very hard to bling that to look seamless with the crystals.  It looks ok, but I wasn’t pleased.  You can also see on the shoe showing the back of the heel that there is a weird ridge and bump with a dark hole.

The ridge is where the fake leather became unglued from the foundation of the shoe.  I tried inserting a needle to get glue between the layers to glue them back together, but it didn’t work.  Don’t settle for a pair of shoes!!  Wait for the right one.  I love them, but hate the flaws of the shoes!  Scratches and small dents can be covered with crystals, but weird bubbles and seams are more difficult to hide.

Edging detail on the toes.

Beginning the long process of blinging!

Volcano Finished!

This pair is my pride and joy! It represents the refinement I have developed since my first three pairs. Felix was very helpful with the pictures I was taking. I would like to note that I hate watermarking the photos, but it needs to be done to prevent people from stealing my photos and using them as their own.

Volcano is a crystal with a special effect that I like to call iridescent like mother of pearl or abalone. These crystals are all one color but change depending on the angle they are viewed. If they made a crystal like the back of a cd, I would be all over it!!

These shoes took quite a bit of time to get them just right. These shoes were originally a black fake patent leather. You couldn’t tell it by just looking at them!

(Felix likes to help!)

(He wants to know where his shoes are)