Technical Difficulties

Hi guys! It’s only recently come to my attention that my email has not been functioning properly!! I’ve missed a few messages, and I am SO SORRY! Things should be fixed now, and I’m going to be updating the website at the start of the new year! I have a few projects to post too. Can’t wait to show you!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season! 🙂


Fire Opal

Fire Opal! Getting the shoes prepared today and will be strassing tomorrow.

Fire Opal

These shoes will be off the hook gorgeous! I can’t wait to show you 🙂

Pink Diamonds Completed!

Pink Diamonds

Officially I call these the Pink Diamond shoes, but personally I call them the Pink Overkill shoes 🙂  I am not a huge fan of pink, but I really really love these shoes!!  Sam was a lot of fun to work with.  We had a great Skype planning session where we shared ideas for a pair of killer statement shoes for a special event where serious bling was necessary.  Sam is an amazing artist and she gave me creative license to do whatever I was inspired to do with these shoes; save one specification: pink, and LOTS of it.

I am not 100% comfortable strassing patent leather shoes because of the slick surface, but Sam understands the risks.  Thankfully the shoe held up to my rigorous “loose crystal test.”  These shoes are amazing!!  It was so much fun to create a customized box for these magnificent pink shoes!!  Thanks a million Sam for trusting me with these shoes!  You’re going to rock it at your show!!


Pink Diamonds

(Superstar shoes!)

Pink Diamonds

(Mirror image “bubbles”)

Pink Diamonds


Pink Diamonds complete

(customized shoe box)

Peacock Shoes

I’m so excited to introduce you to The Peacock shoes!  I have 5 days to get these done and I’m trying something completely new.  I’m really cutting it close, but I’ve been planning these out for months and am confident these will be a complete knockout!

Lots of glitter removal.  The shoes used to have a velvet bow on them, but I cut them off.

After painting the shoes I FINALLY got my crystals.  A tough lesson was learned about wholesalers this week and shipping issues.  Long story short, all of these crystals were scheduled to be here THURSDAY.  I was waiting on my last special order that was delayed.  Not a fan of this other vendor I was trying.  Serves me right for having such difficulties trying to find an apparently discontinued crystal.