Basic, Basic Refined, Refined

Here are better examples of the three types of pricing I am offering and a great example of the different types of crystals.

Left: Basic Refined, Jonquil AB crystal and Sunflower standard crystal
Middle: Refined, Volcano crystal effects
Right: Basic, Fern Green and Peridot both standard crystals

As you can see the Basic is ok, the Basic Refined is very nice, and the Refined is drop-dead gorgeous

There is really so much that goes into the process for these, and the reason why I absolutely love the Basic Refined and Refined is the detail!!

Partial Price List is Up!

Check out the updated price list!  I’ve been working very hard to figure out a way to make my prices fair and understandable while charging appropriately for my time.

There are several styles of shoes listed, so you know that I can do them, but I’m still working on the pricing, so contact me if you have any questions.

I’m very excited to get this business up and running!


June was such an incredibly busy month!  I’m pleased to say that I’m done with my undergrad (finally) and am now the proud university graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Aren’t I so artsy with my blingalicious shoes?

Anyway, now that I’m done with school I should have more time to focus on inspirations for bling and am ready and available to talk with any of you about any sparkle needs you may have!  I’m still working on a price list, but please don’t be afraid to contact me 🙂

I’m planning on having a breakdown of style based on prices for shoes.  To give you a brief introduction, they will most likely be as follows:

1. Refined: (Highest price)


Best dimensional quality using 5-8 sizes of crystals: small, medium, and large

Seamless look, little spacing between crystals

Volcano shoes are the best example

2. Refined on a budget: (Average price)


A careful attention to minimal spacing between

A greater sense of depth

Larger crystals, but filled using 3-5 sizes with only small and big

Jonquil AB and Sunflower shoes are the best example

3. Basic: (Lower price)


Using 1-2 sizes

Green shoes are the best example (I’ll post these soon!)

I can honestly tell you that I can work with you on pricing!  I want to spread the sparkle and share it with the world!  But I won’t be a snob about it.  I do, however, recommend either the refined look or budget.  The shoes look a lot better, smoother and more professional/couture.  Basic is still nice; 1 or 2 sizes of crystals still offer a lot of sparkle, but I personally prefer the Refined or Budged Refined look.

Again I want to stress to you that I do only use Swarovski crystals, so if you’re looking to have a pair of close-toed pumps strassed in full for less than $100, that won’t even cover half the cost of just the crystals!  BUT there are other options to make a shoe sparkle a little bit 🙂  I’ll delve deeper into those options in a following post.