Graduation Shoes!

So I’ve been MIA these past few weeks because I’ve been finishing up schooling and will be graduating with my BFA on Saturday!  For this wondrous occasion, I have of course been working on a new pair of shoes.  Here they are, in progress!

I can’t wait to wear them on Saturday!

I can make shoes for any occasion, any style, just contact me and we’ll talk!  🙂

New Project March 2012

These shoes will be the perfect example of Aurum Crystals (the expensive ones) various Gold crystals.

I will confess that these shoes are my absolute favorite style and pair of shoes!  I currently own three, but one pair became my wedding shoes, the other always be black leather, just like these, and these will be blinged with Aurum yellow crystals, specifically Jonquil AB and Sunflower.  The gold paint is more translucent than the bronze paint of the Volcano shoes.  Right now I’m waiting to start my third layer of the gold paint.

Second layer

The one thing about the Volcano shoes that I regret not doing is taping the shoes to keep the paint from getting everywhere.  I want these shoes to be the perfect example of how beautiful the Aurum crystal gold colored crystals are.