So if you’re a big baseball fan, no doubt you saw Zoey Deschanel’s awesome sparkly red shoes.

Well let me tell you about them.

Aldo shoes created a 40th anniversary special VIP shoe.  Only 100 were made, and were not really for sale (at least from what I understand only a few celebrities in the world received them), and they have about 5,000 Swarovski crystals covering the shoe.

They cost $1500.

For $1500, is that enough bling for you?  Honestly??!?

My Volcano shoes have over 10K in crystals!  And my other shoes about 8K!  For this particular shoe fully encrusted with Swarovski crystals would cost you 40% less.  That’s 2x the amount of crystals for less!!  Yes, Aldo is selling a pair of replication shoes for far far less, with FAKE PLASTIC rhinestones.

For this particular crystal placement, I could strass your shoe for the price of a ballet flat

(*with respect to your crystal effects choices*)



I stumbled across these shoes the other day while searching for awesome shoes to bling.  Although I’m not a huge fan of the cage or gladiator sandals, I can see these being a beautiful and very awesome pair of shoes.  They are called Momento by Chinese Laundry.

At first glance I thought that doing these in a Jet or Jet Hematite crystal would be ideal, but also predictable.  I think these should would be fabulous with deep blue accents, specifically Cobalt.

I wouldn’t cover the whole shoe, I would cover the platform, the heel and do an accent outline on the straps.  That way the shoe can be more of a statement than a predictable black on black.