I apologize for the distracting watermark on some of the photos.  I’ve had one of my pictures from my old website stolen and it’s very upsetting for someone to steal your idea and your photograph and pass it off as theirs.  I also know of a few other people who have had the same thing happen.  This is why I have slightly aggressive watermarks on my photos.  It’s very difficult to find the right watermark that will work with all photos without being too over the top and distracting.

Wedding Shoes continued

The shoes and bouquet


Oooo!  Artsy fartsy!

Another artsy fartsy!

Here you can see the biggest mistake I made withe these shoes.  I strassed these shoes all the way down to the edge.  Big mistake, especially using spray paint!  Spray paint is not good to use AT ALL.  They only cover a surface, they don’t bond to the surface.  So when the crystals were place too low on the shoe they chipped off, and the paint peeled off pulling off more crystals!

Rest assured I learned my lesson!!  As you can see, I didn’t make the same mistakes with my other shoes.  Through my mistakes on my own shoes, your shoes will never be subjected to mistakes!  I have honed my blinging skills 🙂

Wedding Shoes

Without further ado, here is my first strassing attempt!! These are my wedding shoes. I am very proud of these! I made some mistakes, but I learned so much!! I was my own guinea pig so you didn’t have to be.

Here I was experimenting with a fade effect. It didn’t go so well, but at least I tried. I grossly underestimated the quantity of crystals and I now know how to better estimate the number needed for a pair of shoes.

They look so overexposed in the direct sunlight, but they are just beautiful!!