Why choose me? It’s all about the detail!

So why should you pick me as your shoe/accessory strassing expert?  

Because it’s all about the detail!!  Sure, there are shoes on Etsy that you can buy for less, but I’ll tell you the most important thing… most of the time those shoes have plastic or cheap crystals!  I ONLY use quality crystals.  As of now, I use Swarovski.  There is a dramatic difference between cheap crystals and quality crystals.  

The beauty of Swarovski crystals is the care that is taken with the cut.  They actually just changed their crystal cut to what they call Xilion rose which has improved faceting for maximum sparkle.  

Another aspect to the beauty of my shoes is the nature in which the crystals are placed on the shoe.  I prefer random placement to create a better sense of depth and (for lack of a better word) maturity.  

I really take care to get the details just right on a shoe.  I like to take care of the details first and then fill in later.  You can see on the above picture the detail and lines of the shoe.

Below you can see how I do what I do.  The edges are so important to get right!!  If it’s not done right, it just looks cheap.  I often times find myself examining Christian Louboutin strassed shoes with some derision because there is an obvious focus on mass production and lack of attention to important finite details.

Again, an outline before I really begin strassing.  Though the heel depicted here is fully strassed, you can still see the outline I did first.  I learned the hard way to never ever strass to the very very bottom of a shoe, which is why the heel cap is still painted, but not strassed.  

And lastly and most importantly, you get a quality and custom shoe/purse/cellphone case/whatever that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg like these shoes that run about $6,500!

Basic, Basic Refined, Refined

Here are better examples of the three types of pricing I am offering and a great example of the different types of crystals.

Left: Basic Refined, Jonquil AB crystal and Sunflower standard crystal
Middle: Refined, Volcano crystal effects
Right: Basic, Fern Green and Peridot both standard crystals

As you can see the Basic is ok, the Basic Refined is very nice, and the Refined is drop-dead gorgeous

There is really so much that goes into the process for these, and the reason why I absolutely love the Basic Refined and Refined is the detail!!

Fern Green and Peridot

These are the shoes I made for a company holiday party.  I randomly placed Fern Green and Peridot crystals on the shoe to create a greater sense of depth.  Plus I didn’t want the shoes to look like cheap glittered shoes.  Using two colors really sets these shoes apart.

You can see the black of the shoe coming through.  I elected to not paint these shoes because of the definition it creates between the two colors.

Fern Green

Volcano For Sale

Greetings dear friends!  It is with a heavy heart that I announce I am selling my own Volcano shoes.

I purchased these shoes while under my personal deadline to have them ready in time for Valentine’s Day.  In my haste I picked a shoe brand that I know is not always kind to my feet.  These are Madden Girl shoes, size 8.5.  They cause too much pain for me to wear in good conscious any longer.  Let this be a lesson to you to always pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable to have strassed!!!

I have worn these shoes at least 4 times since February so they have not seen heavy use at all.  I do take exceptional care for my shoes and all sparkly things I create either for myself or someone else.  Know that these shoes are loved and are in exceptional shape.

Since they are pre-worn strassed shoes, I am selling these at a fantastic discount for $960+$15 shipping.  This does not include the cost for the shoes which was $60 (original selling price would be $1160).  The crystals are also in great shape and I will always include a small packet of crystals for replacements just in case any are lost through general wear and tear.

If you are interested in owning a beautiful pair of strassed shoes, contact me at the email listed on my contact page.

Partial Price List is Up!

Check out the updated price list!  I’ve been working very hard to figure out a way to make my prices fair and understandable while charging appropriately for my time.

There are several styles of shoes listed, so you know that I can do them, but I’m still working on the pricing, so contact me if you have any questions.

I’m very excited to get this business up and running!