Purple Glitter Shoes

So my sweet and silly niece’s favorite color is purple and she wanted a purple sparkly dress.  Naturally I wanted to give her some blinging shoes, but came across a dilemma…my niece is four and will grow out of crystal shoes quickly, so why bling shoes for her?

Fortunately there are other ways to add sparkle…like glitter!  So my niece is getting awesome purple sparkle glitter shoes!  I’ll save the crystal shoes for when she’s older 🙂


Hi everyone!  I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like because I’ve been completely swamped these past few weeks!  It’s my last term at school and I will be graduating and blissfully free in June!!  Maintaining 3 blogs has been impossible.  I’m in the process of getting my art blog up and running, but it’s taking some time.

If you’re interested, keep checking www.bethaniacochran.com  It’ll be up and running hopefully by the end of the month.

And soon I’ll give some more shoe candy to you guys!  And of course a seriously blinging pink phone cover I made for my sister.  It’s is awesome!!!  You’ll all want one, and I’ll make it for you, just hit me up 😉